Home is where my chickens are doormat

Home is where my chickens are doormat
Home is where my chickens are doormat


Alexander Komar1990s animated series by Marvel6 . Top fanNathan CraneDid brian talk about ben afflek as batman when peter clearly asked who their favorite spiderman actor is?12 . Dean NicolosiWho said Tom Holland because he’s my favorite who yelled out Tom Holland 1 . Gabriella WhitakerTom Holland and he’s Stan’s favorite too. The king has spoken!Play GIFGIPHY1 . Ahmed HaithamThe definition of spiderman : He is a guy with spider powers . Johnathon PascalI liked Tobey McGuires spider man and I’m not just saying that cause it’s the first Spider-Man movie I seen. Andrew Garfield was the brattiest spider man I ever seen  . Emiliano MoreraStewie’s right. Just because spiderverse is animation people don’t take it seriously which it’s a shame1 . Korey J SnyderTom Holland is the better spider-Man. Toby Maguire is good for a laugh. Andrew Garfield is forgettable.  . Susana RoblesI choose to believe that they are all Spider-Man from different universes that’s why we have the multiverse!!!! But I like Tom Holland as well lol 2  Home is where my chickens are doormat

Home is where my chickens are doormat 1
doormat 1

Home is where my chickens are doormat

Jenny OrtizShe sound like his old wife. ( Rip). 5 . Top fanDaniel ManoukianAt least she’s more valuable than a penny to Mort.6 . Amy KingSo nice that he found love outside the family tree.12 . Justin HartsoughWhat happened to Muriel? I remember she was murdered in that one Family Guy special. 3 . Joe O’NiellLove how a lot of people didn’t know what happened to Morts 1st wife. 2 . Jack GormanIt’s peter and principal shepherd mashed together 9 . Heather Bontorin Sarah Ali”May we continue to have no respect for other drivers on the road,& view stop signs as suggestions” HAHA. Dead 5 . Chad BangerterDon’t go to the Nascar race with Peter!!!!3 . Top fanErik RasmussenShut Up Stewie, it’s yours and Brian’s house1 . Top fanMirosław SkrzypiecMort, All the best for a new way of life! . Juma CliveThose Hellen Keller jokes though!!!! 1 . Erika Keeneyjfc why is she genderswapped Peter . Bruce TullWe need brand new family guy  Home is where my chickens are doormat

Home is where my chickens are doormat

Home is where my chickens are doormat 2
doormat 2

David WalkerYou can’t open your eyes that wide when you’re stoned. I think he’s on the surface of Mars.Play GIFTenor61 . John Argote-RodriguezHe looks like he just witnessed perfection.Play GIFGIPHY77 . SJ JamesIf your eyes look like that, it wasn’t oui’d.52 . Jynx NecrosThats the face you make when you walk in on your parents on a sunday morning back as a kid21 . Michael LeeThis is how I look when I think about leaving the house 7 . Shawn EllinwoodMy arm has never been more ripped!Play GIFGIPHY10 . Tim ClevelandWe have a guy that comes into work with his eyes glowing  . Giovanni MartinezThat face when you have insomnia and have been awake for a whole year.5 . Gerry MemmoWhen Pug owners tell you to look at their adorable dog14 . Frank Peter”You know, Brian I noticed that everyone does their job and they do a pretty good job of it.” – Stewie64 . Jack SchorrThat’s not true. Remember that Grateful Dead concert?3


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