Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster

Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster
Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster


God bless you. Did you ever think that your little interview postings way back when would evolve into this life-altering platform to help those in need? Well done,sir, well done!. I am so happy for the girls! They get their mama AND papa back! Way to go humanity! . MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS RAISED IN LESS THAN 24-HOURS! Brandon and this community…..y’all are ahhhhmazing and constantly restore my faith in humanity!! Why can’t we have people like y’all running this country/the world? It would be a much kinder, … See More. That last post, when Cristy shared her life and tears with the quiet, withdrawn cancer patient, speaks of humanity to me. From her heart, she helped that woman into remission, with love and healthy foods. Thanks for the uplifting posts. Sending good… See More. I was so happy when I went to their fb page and it said they were hiring!!! They deserve everything ten fold, I’m happy I could contribute to their continued success. Ase’ Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster

Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster

Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster 1
Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster 3
Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster 2

I have tears in my eyes- so happy for this beautiful family! Putting yourself out there is so hard- and “out there” is a lonely place to work from. Relief of this magnitude is a a beautiful, soul affirming gift!. Thank you Brandon for helping these hardworking fellow Peruvians give their daughters not only the stability any child deserves but also the best example of what reaching and fighting for your dreams means. Muchas gracias.. We need more people like you Brandon. Thank you for shining the light on things that people go through everyday, and to remind us there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel . I hope they pay it forward and support others going through the same struggles.. Really hoping they plan a family vacation. I know what it’s like to be stuck mentally in that “struggle mode.” Even when you finally come above water, you can’t stop the fighting. Take a deep breath, please. Take a moment before you worry about all… See More Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster

Tattoo Studio Feel The Burn poster

·YOU’VE GOT THIS, Cristy and Sebastian! God had blessed your family and this is just the beginning of the rest of your beautiful story.. I have a lot of favorite parts, but one of them has to be “My English was very bad at that time.” There is so much beautiful about that sentence. First off, it shows growth mindset and recognition of learning. Second, it reiterates the fact that Cristy… See More. HONY is seriously my favorite page ever. Shows what happens when we listen to and love on each other. I let out a Yelp when I saw the funds raised. It makes me so happy to see people win!! It makes me feel like I won. Honestly, I did win in reading the… See More


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