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Texas american beach shorts
Texas american beach shorts


“One would think you are… up to something…” Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Snape stares down Harry, Hermoine and Ron.. The best is when Harry and Ron are talking in study hall and he is behind them, adjusting his sleeves before shoving their heads. When Hermione is handing in her assignment to Snape after she informs Ron that she’s already been asked to the Yule ball. He just swipes it from her and stares as she turns her back on him and walks away. A funny moment that captured both there character. I know he’s a complicated character and did many deplorable things throughout the series, but Snape has and will always be my most favorite character. I even enjoyed him as an villain(esque) before we learned the truth in Deathly Hallows and really. When he tells Harry that Dumbledore will be gone over the holiday while they are at Slughorn’s party. Harry asks when he’ll be back and then stare…and walk away. Texas american beach shorts

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Texas american beach shorts

That one, actually lol.. When he caught Harry in the hallway with the map. First day that he meets Harry when Harry’s put into his new house. Not so much a stare down, as a stare… favorite scene of all the movies.. “Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent.”. When Umbridge tells Snape that he didn’t get the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, and he replies, “Obviously…”. Stares at harry and ron pulling up his sleeves. When he says to Harry to take his tear, knowing that Harry has no idea what he has done for Harry.. It is a good creature in this movies.. When he takes hold of Harry and Ron’s heads and turns them towards then pushes them down at their textbooks. . When he smacks Harry and Ron on the head! Always Texas american beach shorts

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Texas american beach shorts

Absolutely loved Alan Rickman as Snape. He perfectly captured the character.. “Page 394.” He had his reasons for being rough with Potter. He didn’t want him to turn out like his father. When they both went too far during Occlumency training, it became clear to them both. And Snape buried his care so deep into the dark, not even. When he shushes Harry in the Astronomy Tower – even tho that didn’t happen in the books, it’s such a poignant moment in the movies, it breaks my heart.. When Harry and Ron are in the hall where they eat. They should be studying. Snape tells them repeatedly to be quiet. Then comes back. Kids are still talking, adjusts his sleeves and takes Harry and Rons heads and points them to the books in front. He was a great Snape. I felt so bad for him when they showed his finding Harrys mother dead. His undying love


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