Threat level midnight canvas

Threat level midnight canvas
Threat level midnight canvas


Hermione and Ron. He would stare at her with starry eyes. Luna and Draco. I think the sweet girl hides a dark side that would scare even Harry. Neville and Ginny would be interesting . Hermione and Draco Malfoy it would be a blast.. Remember that punch?!. I think seeing Ginny and Draco duel would be cool. Ron and Hermione. Pretty sure the married couple will make the other do some pretty awkward dances.. Hermoine and Ron. Just because it would be incredibly entertaining.. I know in book 3 Harry with Sirius and Harry on the other side of the lake. But wait that one did the Patronus charm on a hundred of dementors where the one with Sirius could keep a couple of dementors. . Granger v Malfoy. Might be an actual duel.. Ginny and Hermione. Both girls are brilliant. I want to see who is faster throwing spells. Threat level midnight canvas

Threat level midnight canvas large
canvas large

Threat level midnight canvas

Threat level midnight canvas medium
canvas medium

7 out of these 9 characters died in the tri-wizard tournament lol. Malfoy and Luna. He would look angry the whole time and she would be carefree . Luna and Draco. Dance boy dance!. luna and Hermione because Luna is so free spirited a d hERMIONE IS uptight, itd be hilarious to see the contrast. Hermione and malfoy i think she can show malfoy a thing or two with magic. I would like to see Harry and hermine face off because in deathly hlows part one they dance together. Draco vs Neville. Definitely not Harry, love the guy but as of year 4 we know he isn’t a Dancer! . Draco and Neville- I can just picture Neville being a closeted awesome dancer with some serious moves and the look on Draco’s face when he realizes he is gonna lose. Neville and Luna. Neville was the only sincere boy to have learned dancing at the Yule Ball. Threat level midnight canvas

Threat level midnight canvas

Threat level midnight canvas small
canvas small

who do you believe Hermione who said DUMBLEDORE SAID ONLY A POWERFUL WIZARD COULD DO IT or Harry who said he saw his father then later said I must of done it cause I did it before who was right or both of them. Hermione and Draco because she finally needs to get revenge on him for how he behaves towards her. She’ll totally defeat him and it will make him think twice about picking on her or saying anything to her again.. Ron from chamber of secrets with his busted wand, and Luna. Ron will attempt and backfire, and Luna will just join in the dancing for the fun of it.. Ginny and Luna because they would have fun with it.. Cormac and Draco, I’d love to watch them try and fail to look “cool”. I totally misread that as “who do you want to see their faces off?”


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